Anyukám Mondta – My mother said

Cristina Frangopol


Might as well be the best country restaurant in Hungary, cooking as hearty and cosy as it gets – nested among small villages and vineyards, Anyukam Mondta takes you on a lunch or dinner adventure, from the pantry stocked up with home made goodies, passing a list of dreamy focaccia and pizzas, trough an array of meats and oven cooked proper courses, only to finish in style with dreamy desserts, you will be sorry you did not actually start with.






All beautifully paired with local wines and home made lemonades, the menu is a joyful encounter of Hungarian and Italian flavours, that you really cannot miss. Not to mention the little pantry you can shop for home, as one can never leave without a bottle of wine or small delicacy jar.


Loved to see such a cosy restaurant, true hidden treasure in the countryside. Really do not miss it!





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